They are among the most popular flowering house plants in Germany: Poinsettias. Even though they only have a few weeks of season. They need a lot of know-how to produce them: they only get their bright red leaves if they are kept in total darkness for about 12 hours a day for weeks.

The film from the NDR series "How does it work?" accompanies a poinsettia manufacturer from Lower Saxony.

250.000 Christmas trees

Hardly anyone knows the secrets of the perfect Christmas tree as well as Bernd Oelkers. He is one of the largest producers in Germany. He sells around 250,000 trees per season. The most important thing is a healthy and straight tip. To enable him and his staff to achieve this, they carve into the bark with special pliers to regulate the length growth of the tips. So that the young tips do not bend when a bird sits on them, they are reinforced with rods.

The film from the NDR series "How does it work?" shows the elaborate Christmas tree production.