Mysterious Germany

A Dane finds a mysterious stone in the garden. As it turns out, it’s a freshly fallen meteorite. And it also has a very special composition.

A monotonous beep causes residents to sleep. Elsewhere the bells are ringing all of a sudden. The resolution of the noise spout is a huge surprise for those affected. . .

In Kalkriese, where the legendary Battle of Varus may have taken place, archaeologists discover a mysterious object in the earth. And then it becomes clear: it is a discovery of the century!

Expensive mail from the office and the caravan puzzle

A lady from Bielefeld should pay for road works of the city - but the works did not take place in front of her house at all. The bizarre case ends up before the administrative court.

For years, the numbers of caravan thefts have been rising. Well-organized gangs try to get the stolen goods abroad quickly.

Home burglaries are traumatic for those affected. Especially if they are clustered. Residents of a motorway service area in Rhineland-Palatinate suspect that thieves are spying on them from the service area.

Danger from the lake and the beer drums puzzle

Invasive crabs are a problem in German waters. Because they transmit a disease that doesn’t bother them, but kills native river crayfish en masse.

Where did all the beer barrels go? This is what breweries and beverage retailers in southern Germany are asking themselves. Criminal investigation officers solve the mystery.

Large areas of North Rhine-Westphalia are being undermined by mining. If there are so-called break-ins, the help of experts from the mining authority is required. Because if the ground gives way, it can be dangerous for buildings and people.

Strange noises and the surprise underground

Sometimes animals and technical devices can make the strangest noises. Residents and experts eventually find the cause of a shrill beeping overhead and ominous snoring from the church steeple.

A ramshackle World War II tunnel under a kindergarten is becoming a hazard in a Saarland town - and a major financial burden. Who pays for securing the building?

High groundwater levels are a problem in Berlin. Likewise in Lusatia. In both cases, the consequences are dramatic for homeowners.